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Maritime Law


What Is Maritime Law?

Maritime law is a unique and complex body of law that includes the Jones Act and applies to activities that take place on or near the water, as the name implies. These activities include shipping, navigation, commerce, offshore drilling, dock work, maritime liens, canal activity and recreational boating. In accordance with the Judiciary Act of 1789 and Article 3 of the United States Constitution, all issues that pertain to maritime law are under federal jurisdiction rather than local or state laws.

Under maritime law, you may be protected to a higher degree than under the local or state laws in your area. You want to be certain that your lawyer understands this body of law and has experience resolving these types of cases.

Attorney Carter B. Wright brings more than 30 years of experience to maritime law cases. He has achieved an impressive record of results for maritime workers and other parties in Covington, St. Tammany Parish and the surrounding parts of Louisiana who have been injured on or near the Mississippi River, the Tchefuncte River, Lake Pontchartrain, the Gulf of Mexico and other nearby bodies of water. He is committed to getting you fair compensation.

When To Pursue A Maritime Law Claim

Maritime law claims may be filed in cases involving boating accidents, fishing boat accidents, cruise ship accidents, oil platform accidents, dock accidents and more. If you believe you may have a maritime law claim, contact Mr. Wright. He will review your case and determine your options for pursuing compensation for medical bills and other costs.